When I came here, my right shoulder was weak & painful at times. It was hard to function as a driver with a painful shoulder. I feel 100% better. The staff here had me do strengthening exercises & now I have my range back & also my strength. Thanks everyone at CPT for rehabing my shoulder. Amazing group of people.”

--Gregory N.


"CPT is a great team of experts that work brilliantly together to care for their clients! I was unable to raise my arm or reach behind my back. After one treatment, I was much improved. Upon conclusion of treatment, I had regained full mobility. Love their office.”


--Liz W.

After my automobile accident of being hit from behind, I could not even turn my neck to see over either of my shoulders. Thanks to the care & dedication of Jacob, Jack, Melissa & Derek, showing my how to get my mobility back-I am better than before my accident. They are the BEST team. Thank ya'll.:

--Rebekah F.