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“October 14th, 2022, I broke my left distal radius bone. On the 17th, I had surgery to repair it with a plate and 8 screws. I started therapy the first of November, with finger manipulation as I was in a cast. I couldn’t use my left hand at all. Now after my therapy, I have nearly full range of motion. Cabot Physical Therapy did an amazing job & I would recommend them to anyone.”

--Linda K.

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"As I arrived here at CPT, I didn't know what to expect. From the beginning everyone was very comforting, kind and understanding. Every single member of the CPT staff is special & caring & very concerned with my wellness. Under their direction, I went from a right shoulder I could hardly move to complete movement. Thank you for the extraordinary treatment. "

-Lou P 

"I have had a great experience at Cabot Physical Therapy. The staff has been fantastic with workouts and help me to understand how to strengthen my knees and any questions I had about pain. I came here for a workshop on how to strength my knees to prevent knee replacements. I have better strength & less pain in my knees. I am more stable walking and playing senior softball"  --C.H. 


When I came here, my right shoulder was weak & painful at times. It was hard to function as a driver with a painful shoulder. I feel 100% better. The staff here had me do strengthening exercises & now I have my range back & also my strength. Thanks everyone at CPT for rehabing my shoulder. Amazing group of people.”

--Gregory N.



“Jack Bridges and the entire staff at CPT are very knowledgeable! I was afraid I may need knee surgery from the pain behind my knee. I attended the free clinic pain workshop. Jack assessed that my pain was from my sciatic nerve. I could tell a difference just after 2 sessions. The pain behind my knee was gone after a few more days.  I could walk without pain in my hip. A big thank you to Jack & everyone at CPT for helping me.”


--Sharon B

After my automobile accident of being hit from behind, I could not even turn my neck to see over either of my shoulders. Thanks to the care & dedication of Jacob, Jack, Melissa & Derek, showing my how to get my mobility back-I am better than before my accident. They are the BEST team. Thank ya'll.:

--Rebekah F. 

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